Vaccine Certificate Download by Name and Mobile Number & Correction Process

Anyone who has received the first or second dose of a vaccine in India must retrieve their vaccination certificate from the official government website ( The cellphone number can be used to access the vaccine certificate.The first and second doses of the covid vaccine protect against the covid 19 strain. After receiving a vaccine, you must save a copy of your vaccination certificate to your phone.If you want to know how to receive a covid vaccination certificate, even if you don’t have a cell phone, read this article in its entirety and stay tuned for updates.

COVID 19 Vaccine Certificate by Name

Many individuals are looking for the COVID Vaccine Certificate. Therefore we have provided the details to download the vaccine certificate in this article.This certificate may be obtained in various methods; however, in this post, we will only discuss how to acquire a copy of a corona vaccination certificate using a person’s name. Users are cautioned to read this section carefully and to obtain certificates only from a trusted authority.

Corona Vaccine Certificates are available for download on by name and may be verified using an Aadhar card or mobile phone number once the initial vaccination has been given.The certificate will include your full name, date of birth, gender, the name of the medical professional administering the vaccine, and the location where the shot was administered.

How to Download Covid Vaccine Certificate by Mobile Number?

The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading the immunisation certificate online through your mobile phone. Carefully review the procedures outlined below and save a copy of your vaccination certificate to your smartphone.

  • Go to, the government’s official portal website.
  • At that point, the homepage should load automatically.
  • Put in your phone number when you register for an account.
  • Your registered cellphone number will receive an OTP when you enter it.
  • To opt-in, type the word “opt” into the box.
  • Following that, you’ll be sent to a page from where you may acquire a copy of your first and second dosage vaccination certificates.
  • Locate the “display certificate” link further down the page.
  • To access your Covid Vaccine Certificate, please click here.
  • To save it for later use, select “Download.”

Procedure for Vaccine Certificate Download by Name

Certificates verifying vaccination status are available for download from government websites and mobile applications in India. To access your vaccination record online, please complete the following:

  • To access the official homepage, type “” into your browser.
  • It’s necessary to click the Register / Sign In link on the homepage.
  • Then, after selecting Get One-Time Password, you’ll be prompted to provide your cell phone number.
  • Enter the OTP.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to verify your identity and access your vaccine certification by clicking the appropriate links.
Vaccine Certificate Download

Vaccine Certificate Correction

Due to the importance of the vaccine certificate as an official document allowing people to travel from one place to another, the Government of India decided to activate a Vaccine Certificate Correction for Change & Update Personal Details link on the Cowin website after acknowledging that citizens were having trouble with their certificates due to printing errors. It was the official Aarogya Setu Twitter account that announced the correction link for the vaccination. You’ll find a detailed description of how to correct your vaccine certificate below.


How to edit details in Covid-19 certificate?

If you are in some predicament due to inconsistencies in your Covid-19 certificate, then please read the following instructions for making the necessary changes:

  • Go to, Cowin’s official website.
  • The ‘Register/Sign In’ box will appear on the top right of the portal’s home page.
  • Select the checkbox and input your 10-digit registered cellphone number on the subsequent web page.
  • A one-time password (OTP) will be produced once you enter the number and click the ‘GET OTP’ button.
  • Select the “Proceed” button after you have entered the OTP.
  • Then, click the “Raise an Issue” button and provide your contact information.
  • To change the certificate, go to the “What is the Issue?” Section and click the “Certificate Correction” option.
  • Personal information editable on your device includes name, date of birth, gender, and photo identification. If you need to make changes to the certificate, you can pick just two of the fields.
  • After making your selections, input all the appropriate information and double-check your work.
  • Once you’ve reviewed your changes and are satisfied with them, click the “Submit” button.
  • Visit the immunisation clinic if you have trouble accessing the updated Vaccine Certificate Correction online.
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