How to Prepare for IELTS Exam at home for free?

How to Prepare for IELTS Exam at home for free: IELTS is an international test. It checks the English efficiency of the aspirants who want to work in English speaking countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom etc. In this you are given a rating between 0 to 9 according to your performance. Not only for employees but also for the students who want to study in these countries or seeking any fellowship can also take this exam. More marks indicate your better performance. Today we will tell you different tips to crack IELTS exam. By following these methods you can get more than 7 marks in this exam. So read our article till end if you are preparing for IELTS or and trying to settle in any other English native country. 

IELTS Exam 2023

International English language testing system is also known as IELTS very famous exam in all over the world. This Is a combined test that examines your proficiency in all aspects of language such as proficiency in English speaking, reading, writing and listening. Candidates get its result in the form of reading. They give you a grid from 1 to 9 according to your performance. if your grade is more than 7 it is considered good. Similarly, as your grade decreases, your performance is considered poor and the value of the result you get decreases. So if you also want to work or study in English-speaking countries and want to score maximum marks in this exam, then we have very easy tips for you to pass this exam.

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How to Prepare for IELTS Exam

This exam have four parts, all the four language skills are tested here. Which are the Listening Skills, Speaking skills, Reading skills and Writing skills. We will discuss all in detail here.

IELTS Exam: Tips for Reading skills

In this part you have to read three or four passages. You will be asked questions based on these passages. You have to answer 40 questions. In these questions, some questions will be MCQs while some questions will be of matching, along with this there will be some questions where you have to complete the sentences. So to answer these type of question you can adopt following tricks:

  • You can read articles written on various issues from the internet. This will make it easier for you to read new passages. 
  • Write the meaning of any new word that you come across while reading the passage. In this era of internet, you can also find the meaning of that word on google. This will help you find similar words for that word.
  • After reading new paragraphs, you should also make new questions related to them. This will help you read deeply. If you want, you can also write answers to the questions you have created, which will improve your answer writing skills.
  • You can also use idioms and proverbs used in English. You should not only look them up on google but also use them within your writing skills..

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Tips for Improve Writing Skills in IELTS

There will be two types of tests to test your writing skills which will be based on general and academic writing. Both of the part have 2 sub tasks. The first task will carry 150 words and the second task will carry 250 words.

  • Writing skill is based on grammar only. you need to focus on the sentence structure. 
  • Study about part of speech and use it in your writing skills. you should be familiar about words which comes from parts of speech.
  • Try to write your answer using correct punctuation marks. it will also improve your marks while checking.
  • Use new and suitable words which improve the quality of your written answer.  if you do not know the new words then do not take a risk to use them without Sense.
  • Practice your answer with the time counter.  it will help you to increase your writing speed in main exam. you should write approximately 4 to 5 answers per day to increase your writing speed

Tips for Listening Skills 

A good listener is a good speaker. In this section you have to listen recordings of conversation on various topics.After that you have to answer the questions to the examinee

  • You should be able to speak English in the same accent as per your target country. Watch English language news channels and movies. You can explain that movie to yourself or any other person in the English language only.
  • You can also watch fast-speaking news channels in English
  • You can listen to the big sentences of English and try to tell them to others in English only.

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Tips of Speaking skills in IELTS

  • You should participate in English debates in your friend circle to increase your speaking skills in the English language also.
  • Try to speak loudly and confidently to increase your chances to get higher marks.
  • Speak clearly and do not speak fastly. you should maintain the speed and peace of your speaking.
  • Try to explain your answer with facts.

You can also prepare your speaking skills in isolation from talking to yourself. it is very effective way to improve your speaking skills and confidence.

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