Mechanical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Rabindra Narayan Mahapatra


Mechanical Engineering


The department of Mechanical Engineering was started from the session July 2013. The department is offering 4-years (8 semesters) B.Tech Programme in Mechanical Engineering with an intake capacity of 30. From the year 2014, the department has started the PhD programme in the area of Design & Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering, Application of Soft Computing Techniques in Machining, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence Modeling, Fluid Mechanics etc. From the session July 2015, the department has started the M.Tech programme in the field of "Fluids and Thermal Engineering", with an intake capacity of 15. Beside this, the department is offering the common courses for the 1st year students in Engineering Mechanics, Basic Thermodynamics and Workshop Practice. The main objective of the department is to cater the students with class tutorial and in hand practice with state-of-the-art laboratories & workshop. Our aim is to provide the students with a perfect principles and practice in mechanical engineering, which helps them to serve the society and address a variety of needs. Another, objective of the department is to come up with courses containing interdisciplinary concepts keeping in view of the advancement of today's world in the field of robotics, mechatronics, nanotechnology etc.


“A Centre of Excellence in education and research in the field of Mechanical Engineering and allied areas making its presence felt globally through the manpower produced and the knowledge and technologies created.”


  1. To impart quality education in the fields of mechanical engineering at UG and PG levels.
  2. To carry out research towards development of cutting edge technologies for the benefit of the society at large.
  3. To participate in extension activities for dissemination of knowledge and enhancing socio economic status.

The primary objective is to impart quality education in Mechanical Engineering and allied areas with special attention to,

  1. Ensure practising Mechanical engineers to contribute to industry or academia in contemporary issues using appropriate engineering tools in a responsible, professional, social, economical, ethical manner including safety and environmental concerns.
  2. Encourage innovation and creativity through application of knowledge, skills and engineering solutions.
  3. Engage in creation of knowledge and development of technologies through effective research with a special urge to pursue higher education and life-long learning.
  4. Demonstrate team work and leadership qualities with effective communication in the multidisciplinary field that support the overall development of the nation and the world.