Electrical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Supriyo Das
PhD IIT Kanpur


Electrical Engineering


To become a center of excellence in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and to produce high quality, self-motivated, creative and ethical engineers and technologists, contributing effectively to universal science and contemporary education

Mission of Department

  1. To impart quality engineering education and ethics to its students. (M1)
  2. To adopt the best pedagogical methods in order to maximize knowledge transfer. (M2)
  3.  To have adequate mechanisms to enhance implementation of theoretical concepts in practical set-ups. (M3)
  4.  To carry out high quality research leading to the creation of Intellectual Property. (M4)
  5. To provide the best facilities and environment to its stakeholders by creating the desired ambience. (M5)




Quality engineering education & ethics


Pedagogical methods


Theory to practice


High quality research


Facilities and environment


State the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The graduates from the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering of NIT Meghalaya are expected to have the following competencies in their professional carrier.

  • PEO1: Preparation: To consider any profession may be in academics, industries or research & development, related to EEE and allied areas based on their foundation in mathematics, basic sciences and engineering courses
  • PEO2: Core Competence: To be competent to obtain/ acquire a profession and exhibit competencies during their profession based on the cognitive knowledge, skills and attitude acquired during their graduation.
  • PEO3: Breadth Competence: To be good to enough to obtain/acquire and continue in an allied profession considering their exposure in related courses and abilities to work as individual and a member or leader of a team, communication skill, life-long learning, project management and usage of modern tools.
  • PEO4: Professional Ability: To exhibit their professional norms and ethics, and their concern for the sustainable development of the society considering environmental, economic, safety and societal issues through their activities
  • PEO5: Learning Attitude: To update their professional knowledge, skills and attitude based on their habit of self-learning and life-long learning.
The Department of Electrical Engineering started since the inception of NIT Meghalaya. Presently the department offers B.Tech, M.Tech and PhD program. The B. Tech program started in 2010 with an intake of 30 students andsince 2014 onward M.Tech program has been started with an intake of 20 students offering specialization in Power & Energy Systems. Presentlythere are full time and part time research scholars, registered for PhD program.
The Department aims to impart high quality education to the students and carry out fundamentaland industry oriented research work. The research interest of faculties encompass various areas of electrical engineering such as Deregulated power system, Soft computing application in power system control, Voltage stability alleviation under Deregulated Environment, Power Electronics & Drives, Control System and Instrumentation, Mechatronics, Embedded System, Non-conventional Energy system, High Voltage Engineering etc.
The department have well-equipped laboratory facilities to the students such as Electro-Technique Lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Network and Systems lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Power System Simulation Lab, Control & Instrumentation Lab, Power Electronics & Drives Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Microcontroller & Embedded Systems Lab.Specialised simulation softwares like Power Factory 14.1 (DIgSILENT), PSIM (Power Simulator), PSS@E (Power System Simulator for Engineers) are available with the department to develop the computing efficiency of the students and also to carry out research activities.