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  • Startup Projects :

    Sl No. Title of Project PI CO-PI Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount StartYr - EndYr (Duration) Status Project Type
    1 Investigation of Transient Over-voltage Phenomena in Underground Power Cables due to Lightning Stroke Supriyo Das NA NIT Meghalaya 2,08,000 (INR) 2015 - 2017 Ongoing Startup
    2 Stigma and Exclusion: A Study of Fits, Seizures and Epilepsy in Literature. Dr. Paonam Sudeep Mangang None NIT Meghalaya Rs. 40,000/- 2015-2017 Ongoing Startup
    3 Development of an efficient model for simulation of shallow water flow incorporating wetting and drying technique Dr. H. M. Kalita NA NIT Meghalaya 285000 2016-2018 Ongoing Startup
    4 Monitoring and Grading of Pineapple-Pre and post harvest analysis Dr. Biswajit Kar NA NIT Meghalaya 290000 April, 2016 Ongoing Startup
    5 On splitting of generalized M -matrices Manideepa Saha NA NIT Meghalaya 25000 2015-2017 Ongoing Startup
    6 Alternate solid state formulation to optimize physico-chemical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients Dr. Naba Kamal Nath NA NITM start up grant 2.9 Lakhs 2016-2018 Ongoing Startup
    7 Study the magneto-electric coupling behavior in Gd-Cr-O, Er-Cr-O and Sm-Cr-O compounds Tribedi Bora NA NIT Meghalaya 9,96,000 2016-2018 Ongoing Startup
    8 Design and Fabrication of a Two-stage Biogas Scrubbing Unit to Produce Methane Enriched Biogas for Cooking Purpose Dr. Biplab Kumar Debnath NA NITM start up grant 2.6 Lakhs 2016-2018 (2 Years) Ongoing Startup
    9 Study and Analysis of Frames in Function Spaces Saikat Mukherjee NA NIT Meghalaya 25000 2015-2017 (2 Years) Completed Startup
    10 Development of FPGA based Digital Controller for 3-phase Voltage Source Inverter Fed PM Motor. A. Banerjee NA NIT Meghalaya 2.50 lakh 2015-2017 (2 year) Completed Startup

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